Dreamcast Media

"Our Fearless Leader"

Dreamcast Media is a multi-disciplined creative solutions agency where dreams are awakened from their slumber and brought to life.

Dreams are never to be limited, if you dream it, we will make it.


Our specialty is big ideas/concepts, design, animation, photography and cinematography; tailored to meet our customer’s individual strategic needs.

At Dreamcast Media, we constantly keep up with new technology and trends in order to cater for our client’s ever evolving audience.


Innovation and creativity are the modern day bread and butter; we aim to provide current, relevant, intriguing ideas, visuals and motion pictures that appeal to the public. The procedures taken are meant to give the audience a good impression and to create a bias towards brands.

Neo Majafe Founder &  Creative Director

Athi Petela  Creative Director

Didintle Mosiane  Operations Manager

69 Gleneagles Road |  Greenside | Randburg | Gauteng | South Africa

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